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The Enumeration at Birth (EAB) program offers new parents at a hospital, birthing center, or using a licensed midwife the option to request a Social Security number (SSN) during the birth registration process. The evidence required to process an SSN application for a newborn is the same evidence gathered by birthing facility employees and verified with the respective bureaus of vital statistics during the birth registration process. Through EAB, the bureaus of vital statistics electronically send birth registration information to Social Security, and we assign a number and issue a card. 

EAB eliminates the need for the parent to gather the necessary proofs, complete an SS-5 application, and visit or mail original documents to a Social Security field office for processing. The EAB process allows us to assign the child an SSN, issue a card, and automatically update our records with proof of birth.     

Currently, the national average processing time for EAB cases is two weeks. Parents may expect to wait up to an additional two weeks for mail time to receive the SSN card.

Read our publication Social Security Numbers for Children for more information.

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