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What should I do if I get a call claiming there's a problem with my Social Security number or account?

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Employers and third parties can easily file wage reports with us electronically or by paper (limitations apply). Based on the Taxpayer First Act, we anticipate the Internal Revenue Service to lower the threshold for filing W-2s electronically to 100 in 2022 and 10 in 2023. Beginning December 2021, you can use the New Wage File Upload service in Business Service Online (BSO) to electronically file your wage reports.

There are three ways to file electronically:

  • Use our free product, W-2 Online, which allows you to file W-2s and W-2Cs right from ourBusiness Services Online (BSO) web page.
  • Use software that produces W-2 forms in the Electronic Filing W-2 (EFW2) format and upload your file on our BSO web page.
  • Have a third party prepare the W-2s and file them electronically with us. The third party normally charges a fee.

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