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Frequently Asked Questions

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To replace a child’s SSN card you need to complete an Application for a Social Security card and provide evidence of:

  • Your identity.
  • The child’s identity.
  • U.S. citizenship if you have not established the child's U.S. citizenship with us.
  • Your custody of or relationship to the child.

You can visit our Social Security Number and Card page to begin the application online and then bring the documents to your local Social Security office to finish the application process, usually in less time.

We prefer primary forms of identification (U.S. driver’s license, state-issued identification card, or U.S. passport). However, most children do not have primary identification. When primary documents are not available, we may accept secondary ID.

An acceptable document must show your child's name, identifying information (i.e., age, date of birth, or parents' names) and preferably a recent photograph. We can only accept original documents or documents certified by the issuing agency. We do NOT accept birth certificates as proof of identity.

For more information go to the Learn What Documents You Need page.

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