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If we have not yet sent your employer a notice to withhold your disposable pay, you can call us at the toll-free number shown on your billing statement or your local Social Security office to make a repayment plan.

If your employer received the AWG employer package, including the garnishment order and notice (you should receive a copy too), you’re considered active in AWG. Once you are active in AWG, you will remain active until your debt is paid in full, unless you file for a waiver or a request for reconsideration. We will send your employer a stop AWG notice when your debt no longer meets our selection criteria.

If your employer does not comply with the AWG order, we may bring a civil action against them for any amount they fail to withhold from your disposable pay. Your employer may also be liable for attorney fees, costs of the lawsuit, and (in the court's discretion) punitive damages.

If your court-ordered garnishment changes you should go to your local Social Security office with a new court order.

See Social Security Handbook – 1913 Recovery Efforts for more information on AWG.

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